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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  July 10, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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down. >> reporter: police chase the suspect on foot but lost him. they say the suspect stole the car and abandon it a short time later. police got a call from a resident inside of the home in the 700 block of valley view avenue at 2:00 this afternoon. kenneth jolly didn't have enough time to put on his shoe when police told him to get out of the house. >> real quick. i had to wake our son up from the nap and leave immediately. >> reporter: authorities surrounded the house. police say there are at least two people elderly in the home. police say they have a s.w.a.t. and negotiation team on site. a negotiator is talking with the suspect but so far no one has come out. police have opened up a shelter at an elementary. they evacuated city block radius so they are opening that area for the people who have been evacuated. 9 news now and and tonight we are also
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keeping a close eye on a court decision that could change how dc police fight crime. digital correspondent audrey barnes has the latest on that. i'm audrey barnes in trinidad. after 13-year-old alonzo robinson was shot and killed here last summer police set up road blocks to try to curb violence. now the practice is under fire. >> a federal appeals court says the check points maybe unconstitutional. they have ordered a lower court to review them. >> i think it was a great thing. >> evidence still foster who lived in trinidad eight years say the road block had a positive influence on guideline if yo don't have anything to hide who would be against it. >> reporter: other residents sightlier better ways to curb crime. >> you never see them out here when there is actually a crime. what does it take for you to come by periodically and check what is going on instead of shutting down the whole street. >> this is inappropriate in light of the court's decision
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we will come up with new strategies. peter nickels may appeal it to the supreme court if necessary. audrey barnes, 9 news now and right now, hundreds of people are at a ballpark in gary, indiana, paying their tribute to michael jackson. we will take a look at the memorial later on in the singers hometown. jackson lived in gary until 1969 when he was 11 years old. his father joe and al sharpton and jesse jackson are expected to attend the service. surveillance tape showed that a car full of five people didn't stop before it was hit by a train. you can see it here. the car, driven by a 19-year- old with a suspended license. speeds right by over vehicles stopped at the crossing and gets the tracks right as the amtrak train rushes by and all five people in the car died. they ranged in age from 14 to
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21 and included 21-year-old terrence harris of stafford, virginia. police say so far, no indication of drugs or alcohol as a factor in the crash. congressman frank wolf wants governor kaine to reconsider plans to close 19 rest stops in virginia. those areas are scheduled to shut down on july 28th. it is touted as saving the commonwealth $9 million but the congressman says it will put the safety of hundreds of thousands of drivers at risk. >> the founder of the southern poverty law center is asking for a probe in to race anymore the military. they say researchers found 40 profiles of people who list their occupation as military. the site describes itself as an on-line community for whites by whites. the group that runs the site says it removes vile comments that are posted. now an update for you on a story we brought you last night at 7:00. dozens of protesters were marching outside of the philadelphia swim club accused
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of turning away a group of campers because they were black and hispanic. they say they heard racial comments when they went swimming. >> saying what are all of these black kids here and she was afraid she may try to do something to her child. >> i didn't know people still felt like that. >> reporter: the camp paid the club $2,000 so the kids could swim there over the summertime. the club reimbursed the money saying there wasn't enough space for the campers. this afternoon a second day camp came forward to say it was turned away because of crowding but its minority campers had no problems at the club, a holocaust revisionist is raising eyebrows as he runs for the citizens association and as peggy fox tells us, residents upset about his views are pushing a write in candidate. >> if i was denying the existence of god no one would care. >> reporter: he believes the holocaust happened but does not
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think hitler had an extermination plan nor does he believe gas chambers were used. >> no question that the jews died in droves in these camps but was it disease and malnutrition. >> reporter: he says pictures of gas stations may have been showers or defumigation centers. he has been writing about his views for sometime but because he is running for a seat on the reston citizens association some residents are livid. >> it burns me up. from many in my heart i can't believe in this day and age there are people that question deny a historical fact. >> reporter: she is pushing a write in candidate for tomorrow's election which will be at the reston festival at the reston town center. >> he says his slews about the holocaust have nothing to do with decisions he may make on the resten citizen'ses board but debra disagrees. >> if they have demonstrated poor judgment on one topic then i don't trust they would
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demonstrate good judgment for any other issue that could come before the bart. >> reporter: he says he is not anti-semitic and likes jewish people but thinks an open debate on the holocaust is needed. >> the term hole holocaust denier was coined and pretty much precluded any debate or discussion. it is like calling someone a racist, you don't want to talk to them. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now and former board member colin mills is the write in candidate. and he had decided not to run again until he heard of his views. a lawyer for the man accused of killing a security guard at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum says his client is not well enough to appear in court. he says james von brunn is bedridden in the hospital. but james von brunn is reportedly able to talk after he was shot in the face by one of the guards at the museum. he faces first-degree murder in the death of stephen johns.
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the district is in the midst of the fourth call for all hands on deck this year. it began this morning at 6:00 a.m. and will continue until sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. police chief kathy lanier is hoping the community will respond. >> take this opportunity over the next two days to come forward, either walk up and speak to your officer about what you may know about what's going on crime wise in your community. pick up the phone and call our anonymous hotline and give us information on an open homicide on a robbery pattern or someone involved in robberies or carrying guns. step forward during this all hands on deck and be part of this partnership. >> reporter: the last call for all hands on deck ended with 491 arrests, 13 recovered firearms and $45,000 seized in drug money. it is certainly not the worst night to be out there. tony pann is out on the weather terrace with the forecast first. >> no doubt it is a beautiful
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evening. fantastic weather in the beginning of july. heading to the hottest part of the year and still talking about highs in the upper 70s hed low . s d goang ing be t.nicor mftable t nighto tade and d e thfostrea n ire of a stmoment. li bleeze out of the south and the dew points are in the 50s. that's why it feels so comfortable. it will get more humid and warmer over the weekend. a possibility we could see some scattered showers and thunderstorms late saturday and in to sunday but i don't think it will be a washout weekend. we'll talk more about that when we check the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. for now back inside to derek. >> thank you, tony. a little later on, a disgruntled airline passengers takes his issues to the internet and there is a viral video. we will b@show you it later
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. welcome back. talk about putting your frustrations out for everyone to see and hear. & united, united ♪ ♪ you broke my taylor guitar ♪ ♪ >> reporter: that is musician dave carroll airing his gripe with united airlines and the video has gone viral. he claims united baggage handlers damaged his $3,500 guitar and don't do anything to replace it. lindsey mastis asks travelers here to share their luggage stories ♪ [ music ] >> the song travelers can relate to. & you broke it you should fix it ♪ [ music ] >> he has gotten a million hit hits on youtube in less than four days and it is easy to guess why it is so popular. >> it is frustrating. we have had lost luggage and damaged luggage. >> reporter: when people drop off their luggage it looks fine but by the time it comes out on the conveyer belt it looks like it has been put through a
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shredder. >> the case was ripped. >> reporter: others have had things stolen. >> somewhere there's an airline employee with some very nice waterford champagne flutes, that are now 20 years old. >> reporter: and many travelers have had to come up with creative ways to wear the same clothes and the same underwear for days at a time. >> you know, wash them in the sink, use regular soap, hung them on the shower line. it wasn't ideal but got the job done ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: and airlines aren't always helpful. >> reporter: that's why dave carroll ended up writing the song. >> i put it all behind me and i really have no hard feelings at united but i just wanted to have a fun experience with this. >> reporter: in washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now and >> you can see the entire music video called united breaks guitars at and while you are on-line, drop a note in
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to mcginty's mail bag and tell them about the horror story. it is mail and on monday we will share your responses. not one but loak 2:00 local landmarks are ready to close their doors for good. after 51 years on captiol hill the trover book shop is closing down. once the captiol hill location closes there will be only one left at 13th and f streets northwest but it will only sell cards and gifts, no books. owners expect it will take four to six weeks to sell the merchandise at the captiol hill location. this sunday will be the last time you can sit down for food and drink at nathans in georgetown. the 40-year-old restaurant is on prime real estate at the corner of wisconsin and m but so far there are no reported buyers for the space. spending time in the garden can come up with worries but coming up one man's solution to
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keep the common pests out. tony is back with a check on the weekend forecast. you keepit right here. fa
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ou abyourfinances and charging for marriage counseling and therapy makes it look like you are unstable. we have more on our website at click on living smart. a gardener in oxon hill says he has finally figured out a cheap way to stop the deer from stealing vegetables. he says the solution is caution tape. as long as you don't mind your garden looking like a crime scene. >> i wish i had patented it. you see how pretty the garden is and they don't touch it. won't touch it at all. >> wow. so it works. he said he tried the tape after several failures with fencing and decoys including a fake owl which had no affect on the deer. i don't know why it was supposed to. thunderstorms may put off the scheduled launch of the space shuttle "endeavor." the crew of seven astronauts is set to deliver and install the final piece of japan's billion dollar lab on the international space station. the mission has already been delayed twice. "endeavor" east window to
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launch runs through wednesday. speaking of storms not looking good for the launch. >> i think sunday is the best day. but for us, if i was going to pick a weekend day i would pick saturday oppose posed to sunday. it is not as comfortable as it has been the last couple of days but nothing you would call oppressive this time of the year and that is a word we often use in the middle of july. this is typically the hottest pa time of the year. no 90s in the seven-day forecast and not talking about a big time warmup on saturday and sunday. closer to where it should be. the normal high is 88. we will make it in the mid to upper 80s and again a chance of a few scattered showers or thunderstorms late saturday and in to sunday but this is not going to be a washout weekend by any means. partly cloudy skies for the rest of tonight. it will be very comfortable. dew points in the 50s. not as cool as last night. but you would say this is a nice july night. southeast wind at five to ten.
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sunset 35. a chance of thunderstorms late in the day. talking about after fowfer or 5:00. most of the day will be fine. but if you are trying to schedule stuff, try to do it as close to the morning hours as you can. high temperatures between 82 and 87. the southwest winds at 10 to 15 miles an hour. from the north, these are leftover from thunderstorms in the great lakes. what happens is when the thunderstorms die the clouds con to drip and they kind of thin out a little bit. so the leftovers from the thunderstorms, the blow off as we call it in the weather department, the scattered showers and thunderstorms just on the other side of the mountains in the ohio valley and that system will wind up giving us a chance of scattered storms i think by the time we get to saturday and sunday. in the short term it is really nice. partly cloudy skies, temperatures upper 70s to near 80. 78 degrees downtown. 77 culpeper. 81 in fredericksburg. and this is why it feels so comfortable. the dew points in the upper 50s
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and low 60s not uncommon to get dew points this the 70s but at the top of the hour only 60 at national airport producing a relative humidity of 54%. that's pretty good for the beginning of july. high pressure the dominating factor in our weather story in the short term. that high will drift away. the further from us it gets the better chance of seeing precipitation develop. that's what will happen tomorrow. the high slides off the coast and the system in the midwest is producing showers and thunderstorms around detroit and over to memphis and kansas city. we will have a chance to move eastbound. it will also bring a little piece of the heat that's been plaguing the southern plains with it. 101 dallas right now and a little chunk of heat will slide toward us. only a little chunk. mid to upper 80s over the weekend. i picked saturday opposed to sunday but even sunday i don't think will be an entire washout. high near 86 and look at monday, only 79 degrees ten below normal for this time of the year. a chance of a couple of showers
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and high of 83 on tuesday. that's a -- not the perfect forecast that you hope to see for the weekend but doable. >> especially after this great week. we had such great days over the weekend and then sunday comes. >> it would have been nice to take thursday and friday and put it on saturday and sunday. i don't think it will be a washout. >> thank you. the weird news file because talk about putting it awl on the line for your art. to rio de janeiro in brazil where two brothers are eating, sleeping and working on the side of a building 30 feet in the air. it is part of an art exhibition in rio o's old center. it is getting a lot of attention from people walking by on the street. the brothers like to climb so they got their gear and can scramble around there. if they have to go to the bathroom, crawl over thievery ran doe to the art gallery's bathroom. people like to take pictures with their camera phones. and the brother said we want to mix our idea of climbing with the idea of creating a habitat.
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maybe they are crazy or big time artists they have been hanging out since may. >> the hammock doesn't look sturdy. b@f(announcer) if you think all batteries are the same, consider this:
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summertime. tyke we relax and kick back and read a good book but technology has fundamentally revolutionized how he take on those favorite novels. that's why sony and kindle are two biggest sellers. >> she has a whole library at her fingertips whether she at home or on the road thanks to her kindle. >> i keep it in my car, or car pool with the kids. i take it everywhere with me. it is in my bag everywhere. >> reporter: paul reynolds is also impressed with the kindle ii. >> the type is crisp and you can easy change the size. turning the page is as fast as turning the page of a real book and if you get tired of reading the kindle will read to you. >> it was a buzzing sensation. >> reporter: he found it surprisingly easy to use. >> no computer is needed. you connect wirelessly to amazon's huge collection of eric-book titles. pick the book you want and it down loads to the kindle in
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less than a minute. >> reporter: there's no connection charge and a best seller costs $10 and then there is sony's e-book, the reader. it has the same size screen as the kindle and costs $350. although sony's bookstore has fewer titles you get easy access to googles library of free classics but there are more steps with the sony. you have to install software on your computer, down load the book and transfer it with the usb cord. for e-readers on the go, the wireless kindle is easier to use. lesli foster for 9 news now and >> in the mail bag tonight, racism or perceptions of it. last night i asked if you thought there had been an increase in racial understand debts since the election of president obama. kenneth describes himself as white and retired. >> i'm thankful that president obama won since it shows the
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campaign based upon hope struck a chord in the hearts of all people and all classes -- another says there is plenty of racism but it is not from white folks. first of all, you are throwing around a lot of numbers that i can't verify. are there this great number of black on white crimes that go unreported. in my experience crime in low
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income neighborhoods go unreported regardless of the race of the victims and the converse is true in the good neighborhoods. it is just more unusual and i can't speak for other news organization but we don't avoid stories for fear of sharpton or anything else. the only thing i fear not getting your e-mails at mail that's our report. i will be back at 11:00. see you then. well, i've heard eating whole grain oats... can help lower my cholesterol. it's going to be a challenge... sure we want to lower our cholesterol, but let's be real, being healthy is tough. yea. honey nut cheerios cereal... tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. try apple cinnamon cheerios. baked in apple with... a daring amount of cinnamon.
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this is "entertainment tonight" in high definition.
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joe jackson on the record. >> and i do believe there was foul play. >> what killed michael and where joe was when he found out his son was dead. >> i just couldn't believe what was happening to michael. michael died in his sleep. >> how will michael's death be ruled? >> homicide or accidental overdose. >> the lastest from inside the lapd investigation. and -- >> michael jackson was laying there. he looked like he was sleeping. >> inside the private viewing, who was there, what they saw and where is michael's body right now. are there drugs secrets from the 2003 raid on neverland ranch. >> we have the sheriff video from 2003. >> the needles, the oxygen tank. >> i was there, i saw it all. and i want to know why was there no intervention. the "entertainment tonight" concert.


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